Grass Fed Lamb Packs – Saturday 20/8/22

Only 4 left!

  • The below approx. numbers of each cut are reflective of a Medium pack. Please think of these as doubled for a Large pack. approx. weights include offcuts.

    A Medium pack is a Side of Lamb (half a lamb) whereas a Large is a Whole Lamb.
  • $ 0.00
  • Cuts

    • 6-7 Loin chops
    • 4-5 Chump chops
    • 8 Ribs
    • 2 Shanks & 4 Neck chops
  • Please indicate if you would like any of the below included in your lamb pack (optional). You are technically paying for these cuts so it would be great if you can make use of them. Please note that not including them will see the expected weight of your pack drop slightly.
  • Any special notes or requests for your lamb order?