Farm Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes

Our Farm Fresh Fruit and Veg Boxes are hand picked and packed fresh.

We offer 3 box type: Large Veg Box, Small Mixed Box & Fruit Box

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  • Whilst every week's contents will vary, It is updated every Monday afternoon with the proposed week's box contents. Fruit & Veg orders close strictly on Thursday midday for the upcoming Saturday Delivery. If there are items you don't like please let us know below and we can substitute them for you:

    You can now add additional extras to your order. Please see the produce available at the bottom of this page.

    ** Veg Box $59.95 **
    (Planned Contents for Week 18 Saturday 18/5/24) 400g (2 head) Broccoli, 3 Zucchini, Bunch Broccolini, Whole Cauliflower, 400g Brussel Sprouts, Whole Lettuce, 3 Lebanese Cucumbers, 4 (500g) Gourmet Tomatoes, 500g Brown Onions, 400g Green Beans, Bunch English Spinach, 300g Button Mushrooms, 1kg Carrots, Sweet Potato and a Avocado.

    ** Fruit Box $39.95 **
    (Planned Contents for Week 18 Saturday 18/5/24) 5 Mandarins, 5 Bananas, 4 Kiwi Fruit, 5 Red Apples, 4 Oranges, Whole Pineapple, 1/4 Cut Watermelon and 2 Nashi Pears.

    Mixed Veg & Fruit Box $54.95 ***
    (Planned Contents for Week 18 Saturday 18/5/24) Bunch Broccolini, Bunch Fioretto, 1/2 cut Butternut Pumpkin, 2 Zucchini, 300g Button Mushrooms, 2 Lebanese Cucumbers, Garlic Head, 4 (500g) Gourmet Tomatoes, 300g Green Beans, Bunch Silverbeet, 500g Carrots, Corn Cob, 2 Avocado, 2 Kiwi Fruit, 5 Mandarins, 2 Red Apples and 2 Oranges.
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  • Any special notes for your box? For example: "No pumpkin. But I love sweet potato!" Whilst we can not guarantee substitution we will try our best.
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    ^ Prices vary depending on fruit or vegetable selection. All quantities are fixed and unable to be altered.