Australia Day Lamb On Sale Now


Above is what our standard Half Lamb Pack looks like and as you can see it is ABSOLUTELY made to for your Australia Day BBQ’s! Just add; fresh rosemary, pink salt, pepper and some good cooking oil and you away 🙂

Would you work for food?


Something you might not know about me is that I am a huge Sarah Ballantyne fan! AKA The Paleo Mum. Sarah has a PHD and unlike other nutritionists, or alike, who just look at the makeup/ breakdown of food and then proclaim its health benefits Sarah looks at how foods interact with us once they are consumed.

This would only happen to a Turkey Farmer 6 weeks from Christmas!


Above is a spy shot Nick and I took of your status quo barn raised Turkey operation. They come to their shed as a chick and dont get to leave it until they are ready to be processed… This way of farming is a much cheaper than free range farming and with consumer demand greatly driven by price as well as competitors using price as their main hook to grab sales it is likely to continue unless more and more of you chose quality and the birds happiness over price!

Farm Visit at Woodlands and Auntie Judy’s 80th birthday 🙂


A few weekends ago Tina, Florence, Mum and I visited my family in Pyramul (Mudgee) for my Auntie Judy’s 80th birthday 🙂 Judy is Farmer Owain’s wife and Farmer Tim’s mum so ultimately responsible for all the amazing Lambs you have been receiving 😉

Meet Organic Veggie Picker Fred


How good was this veggie run; turnips, asparagus, broad beans, green oak lettuce, silverbeet, carrots, avocado, potatoes, onions, eggplant, broccoli, garlic, baby beetroots, mushrooms and cucumber 🙂

 Organic Veggies Anyone?


An eye opening experiment where a whole family ate only organics for 2 weeks. They all had their urine tested for pesticides etc before and after. If you truly care for your family’s health please watch this short 1.5min video. It was watching this video which helped Tina & I decide to feed Florence only Organic Vege & Fruit when she is ready 🙂


Beef Prices Climb & So Must Ours

unnamed (4)

Ben Thomas from the Meat & Livestock Association explains the dramatic rise of Beef Prices over the last 18 months!

Does RSPCA Approved = Free Range?

unnamed (2)

With all the green font and the words RSPCA Approved this chicken sure looks Free Range. It wasn’t until we get it home and saw the reverse of the label after opening hte tray that we realized it was in fact barn raised!

Ever wondered how old is supermarket beef or why does it always look so fresh?

unnamed (1)

Most supermarkets use this type of MAP packaging to extend “freshness”. MAP = Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Modified? Change the oxygen volume and mix in other gasses and you can keep meat looking vibrantly red for up to 4 times longer than is natural!

 Coles Comparative Mince Hits $19/kg

Stephen Hill

In this video link one of our Live Animal Transporters Stephen Hill explains the steps he takes to ensure all the cattle he carts remain happy and stress free. Hilly also helps introduce us to other like minded farmers with superb stock when dad is running low and is a supplying beef farmer to Country Meats Direct in his own right!

 My Great Uncle, an ANZAC – My Hero

My Great Uncle, an ANZAC - My Hero

Image above: My great uncle Neville George Stokes a Second World War Manchester Bomber Pilot and myself proudly wearing his; The 1939-1945 Star Medal, The Air Crew Europe Star Medal, The Defense Medal, The War Medal and his RAF Badge.

 RMIT University Study Confirms Only Grass Fed Beef…

farmer paul

We review a breakthrough study from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) that explains how different feed sources (grain vs grass) actually affect the nutritional content of beef. It was published in 2006 but strangely has hardly been heard of..

 Stroud Valley Harvest Free Range Eggs

unnamed (1)

So without further ado we are very proud to welcome our newest supplier Stroud Valley Harvest to our great list of ethical free range producers! With Hunter Valley Free Range (our previous, sole free range egg supplier) telling us they might not have any more eggs for us until late March we knew we would have to find another great local supplier..

 Free Range Turkey

turkey 1

Free range organic turkey farmer John Holland from Almond Grove with his Turkeys and one of his 6 Maremma protection dogs who guard them.

 The Truth about Excess Dairy Calves & Why We Must Keep Eating Veal!unnamed

If you’re like me then you may have stopped eating veal years ago following what I now know as unbalanced and sensationalized claims in the media.  I believe this fear mongering has actually increased the mistreatment of the surplus dairy calves in Australia- and if you’re an animal lover as I am, we need to have the record set straight!

 Pairing Viognier, Pinot Gris, Mataro and Grenache with foodabove

The above photo is of Mum and I at Turkey Flat Winery. Turkey Flat’s vines date back to 1847 but most interestingly to me its cellar door is in an old Butchers Shop which is almost as old as the vines! It was here where apart from the usual Shiraz we first got to try some new varieties being Mataro (also known as Mourvedre) and Grenache which were both beautiful and I think maybe even better than their famous Shiraz? This really got me thinking, why do we always end up buying the same varieties of wine each and every time we go the bottle shop or look through a menu at a restaurant?

 Website shoot behind the scenesaaaa

In this blog we take you behind the scenes of our rural film shoot for our website, keep you up to date on beef and lamb prices and also give you a bit more of an idea on where our business is currently and where we would like to get it in the not to distant future.