Canobolas Free Range Egg Retail Dozen Box – 15 Dozen/ box

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8 reviews for Canobolas Free Range Egg Retail Dozen Box – 15 Dozen/ box

  1. Jane Nicholls (verified owner)

    Delicious eggs, shared with the neighbourhood and ordering another box only two weeks later! thank you!

  2. Julia Jarvinen (verified owner)

    The eggs were perfect and delicious!

  3. Lesley Calleija

    Not a single egg cracked in the box on arrival!
    When I’ve purchased eggs from the supermarket in the past, I’ve had to check at least 4 cartons to find a “perfect carton” of all eggs crack free.

  4. Jane Smith (verified owner)

    Regularly ordering 2 of these boxes for local neighbourhood. Great eggs and everyone very pleased.

  5. Gertie (verified owner)

    Regularly ordering these for friends and neighbours. They all love these eggs. Our family is eating double the number of eggs since we’ve been eating these! Highly recommend!!

  6. Katie (verified owner)

    Amazing eggs, have been ordering upto 8 boxes of eggs to share amongst the nurses and dr’s at work, and everyone is swears they are the best ever eggs

  7. Jim (verified owner)

    Incredible eggs. Better tasting than the most expensive eggs at woolies or coles.

  8. Bronwen Sidaway (verified owner)

    Delicious eggs shared with the neighbourhood time and time again

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