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  • Whilst every week's contents will vary below is an example to give you an idea of the volume:

    Week 46 (planned 27/2/21) Veg Box – 500g broccoli, 2 broccolini, 1 cauliflower, 2 avocardo, 2 pack mini cos lettuce, 1 punnet baby qukes, 1 red capsicum, 4 corn cobs, 4 zucchini, 300g button mushrooms, 3 medium brown onions, 1 bunch shallots, 1 bunch beetroots, 2 asparagus, 250g green beans, 750g carrots, 1kg potato, 2 medium sweet potato, 1 bunch bok choy, 4 gourmet tomatoes, 1 punnet mix-a-mato, 1 garlic & 1 lemon.

    Week 46 (planned 27/2/21) Fruit Box – 1 punnet strawberry, 1 punnet blueberries, watermelon, 4 royal gala apples, 6 bananas, 1 lemon, 4 oranges, 2 willaim pears, 2 mango, 400g peaches and 400g nectarine.

    Week 46 (planned 27/2/21) Juicing Box (enough goodness for 14 x fresh juices) – 4 cucumber, 1 bunch beetroot, 7 carrots, 1 bunch kale, 120g baby spinach, 4 oranges, 6 green apples, 1 bunch parsley, 50g ginger, 25g tumeric, 2 lemons & 1 bunch celery.
    Saturday orders close strictly Thursday midday.

    *If your selected date below is this coming Saturday and your order is placed after 12pm/ midday Thursday it will be added to the following weeks delivery schedule.*
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  • Any special notes for your box? For example: "No pumpkin. But I love sweet potato!" Whilst we can not guarantee substitution we will try our best.

4 reviews for Farm Fresh Fruit, Veg & Juicing Boxes

  1. donna

    Great quality and selection

  2. Merri Dunk (verified owner)

    Getting a veggie box is bit like Christmas – it has the same excitement as opening a present. A generous quantity and great variety – it inspires me to try new recipes using veggies I may never have used before – such as leeks and silver beet.

  3. Maria (verified owner)

    Good variety of vegetables and top quality. The box represents good value. Guaranteed freshness unlike that of the major supermarkets where the produce deteriorates in no time once you bring it home.

  4. mindy4484 (verified owner)

    Great value for money. It was surprising me when I oped box. It is very fresh and some vegetables are I never buy before..Now I am looking for recipes to use all of them. It is very exciting.
    I wasn’t sure about quality when I ordered by online.
    I am so glade that I did. Thanks for good service and keeping up for your valuable customers.

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