Deliveries/ Suburbs*?

Delivery Guide Please Read Carefully!!!

We are currently delivering Sydney wide every Saturday! (Unless advertised otherwise.) Saturday delivery orders are cut off Thursday midday. If you have ordered a “pack”, such as a meat pack or fruit & veg box, it will come on the delivery date specified in its item description/ not on the next delivery day. If this relates to your order please read the item description carefully. If you have ordered extra items, they will come with your pack on the pack date/ not the next delivery day.

Delivery time windows will be emailed to you the day prior to delivery. If you are not home or your delivery is prior to 9:00am a text will be sent to your mobile phone and your delivery left inside your Esky with a CSIRO tested ice-brick.

All – Your initial order will incur a one off charge of $7.70inc gst to cover the cost of a reusable premium cooler bag – unless in the shopping cart you chose to exclude it/ supply your own. Cooler bags are to be left outside the night prior to your delivery in a clean manner with any previously supplied ice bricks also clean please. If you choose to supply your own (esky or cooler) it needs to be of adequate size (min. 45cm L x 30cm H x 30cm W) and thoroughly cleaned. Our frozen ice bricks are supplied free of charge.

To help cover our delivery costs (wages, fuel, maintenance, workers comp, insurances etc. etc.) every delivery will incur a seperate nominal shipping charge.

Deliveries –

Meat Pack’s & Fruit & Vegetable Boxes are delivered on the date specified in their product name/ description and are accompanied by any other items ordered at that time.

Individual grocery orders such as; chicken, milk, small-goods, individual meat items etc. will be delivered on the next available delivery date but only if you have not ordered a pack with it’s own delivery date.

*For a comprehensive list of suburbs we deliver to please scroll to the very bottom of this page. Feel free to contact us to discuss this further should you not find your suburb listed below or have a friend’s address in one we can use as your delivery point.

What is Nose to Tail eating and why is it so important?

What is Nose to Tail eating and why is it so important?
The Nose to Tail eating philosophy is about learning to cook well and eating all the cuts from a free range animal. It is a sustainable approach to managing meat stocks by minimising wastage. We are promoting this by selling ‘packs’ of a variety of cuts rather than the traditional butcher /supermarket mode which sells individual cuts.
We are doing this for numerous reasons, some of which are outlined below:
•    By improving your cooking repertoire (which we will support by giving you recipes with your orders and on this website and our facebook page) you are also respecting the animals’ lives. It means you will get access to the traditionally more popular cuts at a heavily discounted rate but also get to try some new and interesting cuts in the process.
•    By minimising wastage we can keep our prices low and ensure we can pay our farmers fairly.
•    If you are after only a few specific cuts we simply can’t supply to you as we would inevitably be left with a lot of left overs – making our supply chain unsustainable.
•    So please understand that it is of no help to a farmer, or us, by asking to purchase one or two of the most popular cuts. As an example: from a 400 kg live weight yearling beef animal you may ask to purchase a whole scotch fillet or eye fillet – not knowing that such an animal will only yield about 150 kg of butchered beef. Of the 150 kg about 4.5 kg is scotch fillet and 1.2 kg is eye fillet – that is 3% scotch fillet or 1% eye fillet. After selling these popular cuts we would be left with 144.3 kg; and if you deduct the next most popular cuts – T-bones, sirloin and rump – we would still be left with 120 kg of beef… You can see from this math that if you truly want to support organic grass fed yearling beef farmers like ours you must learn to use more cuts than just prime steaks.

Please do not worry: We are not asking you to eat offal (kidneys, brains or the-like). We are simply asking you to buy things like steaks, roasts, stir-fry and casserole cuts and perhaps some mince and sausages as you will see when filling out our order forms or on our ‘Ordering and Cuts Explained’ tab on this website.

Are the animal’s grass fed or grain fed?

All the beef and lamb we supply is 100% grass fed and grass finished. Our pork and free-range chickens that produce our eggs and meat are free to forage and eat grass but are also fed natural (non gmo, non ge) grains and sometime fresh fruit and veggies for the pigs but never slop – bread or expiring fruit or veggies etc. with Inglewood’s chickens feed also Certified Organic. Our Veal animals diet consists of a majority of milk but should the calves wish to eat something more solid they have access to shredded hay.

What are the benefits of grass fed animals?

Since the early 80s much of the beef and a lot of the lamb in NSW (plus a large percentage in our other states for that matter, especially queensland) have been fed grain which is generally used in Australia to ‘finish’ the animal (finishing – fatten them up over the last 30-90 days of their lives, usually in confined spaces) which gives the seller ‘consistency’. When shopping at retail unless the meat you are buying specifically says grass fed or pasture fed you will most likely be buying grain fed meats. That’s because producing quality grass fed meats is more expensive and you will also be charged a premium. Grass fed meats have been found through scientific studies to contain more omega-3’s, CLA, TVA, trace minerals and antioxidants than grain fed meats. Andrew Sinclair, in a recent paper in Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s study on the effect of feeding systems on omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid and trans fatty acids in Australian beef cuts says: “Only grass-fed beef reached the target of more than 30 mg of long chain n-3 FA/100g muscle as recommended by Food Standard Australia and New Zealand for a food to be considered a source of omega- 3 fatty acids.
Basically this translates to meaning that grass fed and grass finished meats provide more healthy omega 3 fats. And we sure need these as modern diets are full of omega 6 fats which overload the fast food and processed food production system – and many authorities believe that the skewed ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fats play a part in many diseases including obesity.

Where do the animals come from?

Straight off the farm!

In short – beef, some pork & eggs from The Hunter, lambs from Pyramul (Mudgee), some pork & chicken from QLD.

Please see our farmers tab for more information & videos of our farmers explaining their operations.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, but they vary dependant on the meat type. Please look through our products in the shop for more information.

Can I receive two types of meat in the one pack?

Chicken & small goods are available with all deliveries however as the larger meats are sourced from different farms they are delivered separately and their own minimum purchases have to be met.

Will you export your meat overseas?

Not if we can get enough customers locally. Our goal is to keep our best meats in Australia so that Australians can enjoy them. To give you an idea of the quantity of our meats landing overseas rather than on Aussie plates, the MLA revealed recently that 70% of all Australian Beef is exported!

Are the meats frozen before delivery?

No, our free range meats are all delivered fresh – not frozen.

What are your freezing recommendations?

As the meat is fresh from the butcher with no added preservatives – nor vacuum-sealed with moisture absorbent pouches or gas injected as in supermarkets or some butchers, we recommend that the quicker you freeze your meats the better they will taste and the better their colour will be retained when defrosted. As a rule of thumb, freeze as quickly as possible anything that you will not eat within two days of receiving your packs. That’s except corned or pickled meats which can do with a week at the bottom of your refrigerator to help develop flavor prior to freezing or cooking. The only other thing to note is that sausages will be fine for up to 5 days without freezing.
As our meats come from such high quality animals and you are getting them very fresh, we have found little to no loss in flavor or colour if frozen quickly. It is also advisable to check that the bags you are using are free from holes, air or excess blood prior to freezing and if in doubt just re-bag.

Because our meats are cut and bagged fresh, some bags may contain blood. This is nothing to worry about and will not affect the taste. Blood in the bag can mix with oxygen and sometimes give off a smell different from what you may be used to. The odour is different to that from a butcher which has been sitting on a drying rack or from a supermarket with a moisture absorber that will remove the blood. So once again nothing to worry about. If anything it is just proof you are getting your meat cut fresh!

How is the meat packed?

Our free range meats are mostly packed by our butchers in plastic freezer bags and will mostly be labelled, ready to be store in your fridge or freezer. We place your cuts into a cooler bag for delivery. You can then prepare smaller portions before storing in your fridge.

Can we visit the farm/ do you offer farm stay?

Provided that they are available when you want to visit our farmers, Murray’s Dad Paul especially would be very happy to show you around the farm. We currently do not have the facilities for farm stay.

When are the meats delivered and what happens if I am not home?

We will notify you of your delivery time about 4 days prior via email. If the proposed time does not suit we will always do our best to work with you to find a better time.

Our typical delivery times are outlined below:
•    Grass Fed Beef: Typically beef will be delivered early on a Saturday morning. If it is before 8am (unless otherwise requested) we will leave your pack at your door and text your mobile to let you know its outside. Our meat is provided in a cooler bag with a CSIRO tested ice brick which will keep it nice and cold for a few hours. After 8am we will knock.
If this does not suit we can sometimes arrange a Friday evening delivery.
•    Grass Fed Lamb: We currently deliver our lamb on either a Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.
•    Free Range Pork: Either delivered on a Saturday like with the beef orders but sometimes mid week like the lamb.
•    Free Range Eggs, Chicken, Dairy Products, Bread & Bacon: Can be added to any of the above or ordered separately provided the minimum order is met.

How regularly do you deliver each meat type and is there a set frequency?

We are currently delivering at least one type of meat weekly and you can see our upcoming delivery dates in our shop. You can order when you like or ask that we set up a regular delivery.

Where do you deliver to and what is the cost for delivery?

You can register to find out if your postcode is in our delivery radius or scroll to the bottom of this page for our list however it might not be up to date as we are always expanding it. If you are within our delivery radius a $5.00 delivery fee is charged on top of your order.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Provided there are no issues on the quoted delivery date you can see against each of the following meat types; beef, lamb, pork and veal. Chicken and small goods can accompany these orders or ordered separately provided the minimum order is met and then delivered as soon as we can arrange them for you. Organic Fruit & Veg is delivered on a thursday afternoon/ evening or early wednesday morning. We will always try to give you approx. 4 days notice of your delivery via email.

How can I pay for my order and when?

Payments can be made through this website when you place your order. We have a very secure server + certificate etc so your payment details are 100% secure. If you wish to pay COD please contact us to arrange.

If you end up paying COD our bank details are listed below:

Bank name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Country Meats Direct

BSB – 062 171

Account – 1037 2187

Are your products organic and/ or organically certified?

All our supplying farmers farm using the below organic farming practices:

  • Their animals are all Free Range.
  • They treat their animals ethically and ensure all their nutritional/ welfare needs are well met.
  • They do not feed them GMO or GE Grains.
  • Their animals are Antibiotic Free.
  • Their animals are Steroid Free.
  • Their animals are Growth Hormone Free.
  • Beef & Lamb Farmers feed their animals only grass with supplementary feed limited to hay or silage (also grass).
  • They do not use unnatural fertilizers opting to spend more on chicken manure.
  • Our pork and free-range chickens that produce our eggs are free to forage and eat grass but are also fed natural (non gmo, non ge) grains and sometime fresh fruit and veggies for the pigs but never slop – bread or expiring fruit or veggies etc.

Whilst farming organically many of our smaller meat producers have not had their farms certified but adhere to the above with pride and are visited regularly by our good selves to ensure this remains so. A few of our larger meat producers and all our vegetable and fruit farmers are Organically Certified.

We believe that unless you can personally visit the farm and speak regularly with the farmer than Organically Certified is always your healths safest bet.

Grass Fed Beef

Can I choose the cuts I want?

You can within reason. You can tailor your minimum pack by choosing cuts from our order form. There are limits to what you can choose to ensure that your order allows us to use the entire animal and keep the supply chain sustainable: This in turn will keep our prices low. Unlike traditional retailers we cannot supply you with an unlimited amount of any cut you wish. The way we sell is governed by the fact we are buying whole animals straight off the farm – not carton meat from a wholesaler. Buying this way is all about embracing the philosophy of ‘Nose to Tail’ eating. You then benefit from the fact you know where your meat comes from, how it was raised and that it was ethically treated.

Do I need to cut up the meat or can I get whole pieces?

You will not need to do your own butchering. Our expert butchers will process all the meat into cuts for you and pre-cut the steaks. We do not sell large pieces of prime cuts like rump, sirloin or scotch fillet; these are all cut into steaks by our butcher and bagged ready for you to cook. We process the most popular cuts as, due to the volume of beef, we are unable to give our butchers individual instructions.
If you were to purchase a quarter, half or whole beef animal (starting at 40-45 kgs for an average quarter) you can choose to have it butchered exactly to your personal preferences. And, when you do this you can also get those whole prime cuts.

How thick are our pre-cut steaks?

We are unable to cut to everyone’s liking due to the volume so we have chosen a thickness (medium) that the majority of people will be happy with.

Is the beef aged?

Yes, it is hung for 10-12 days in our butcher’s cool room.

What ingredients are used in the gluten free sausages or corned beef?

Gluten Free Sausage ingredients are; Rice flour, salt, mineral salt (451), preservative 223(sulphite), Dehydrated vegetables, colour (160c), herb and spice extracts, canola oil, flavor, Enhancer (635). These make up our meal which is only added in small amounts to keep the sausages from quickly expiring. We also do not fill our sausages with fillers – which means you are getting a traditional country style meat sausage with a small amount of meal for flavor – not something that barely contains any meat like in the shops!

Corned Beef ingredients are; Mineral Salts 451, 450& 452). Salt, sugar, dextrose, antioxidant (316), Sodium Nitrate(250), Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (maize) & Vegetable Oil

If I am allergic to all preservatives can I order bespoke sausages?

We will work with you to try and come up with a solution. Any bespoke run requires a minimum order of 5 kg and our recommendation is to supply them frozen – as without preservatives they will go off quickly.

Does the corned beef contain sulfate?


What is the fat content of your mince and sausages, are they lean?

Our mince is considered very lean at 10%, as are the sausages at 15-20% fat. Under the Australian Food Authority, the legal requirement for sausages is no more than 30% fat. We also do not fill our sausages with fillers – which means you are getting a traditional country style meat sausage with a small amount of meal for flavor – not something that barely contains any meat!

Free Range Eggs

Are the egg laying chickens free range?

Yes, all our egg laying chickens are free range which means that during the day (weather permitting) they are let out of their laying shed to forage, eat grass, socialize and just be chickens! This translates into a better quality egg – you will find the shells are firmer, whites more solid and the taste far more flavorsome than a barn or caged egg. And, the yolk will contain more vitamin A plus a host of other healthy nutrients – so it’s much better for you..

Are the chicken fed GM feed?

No they are fed natural grains which are not genetically modified.

Grass Fed Lamb

What is included in a lamb pack and can I select my cuts?

We sell lamb by the side (half a lamb) or a whole, both of which come professionally butchered into cuts and individually bagged for your convenience. A side of lamb usually weighs between 9-11 kg butchered or double for a whole. As you will see in our order form you can select how you would like your lamb butchered on some of the cuts and that a discount is available should you request a whole.

Can I order a whole lamb for a spit?

Yes, however this is provided our farmers have the appropriate sized lamb and that our next delivery run suits your time frame. Please contact us by email or phone for this. They will be more expensive than your butcher as we pay our farmers for their lambs by the head.

What age are the lambs and is it lamb actually hogget or mutton?

Typically the lambs we sell are between 6-9 months of age and this classifies them as lamb – up to 12 months. Our farmers will draft out the lambs which are ready for our orders based on size and condition rather than just age as all animals grow at slightly different rates. In Australia a lamb is defined as an animal which has no permanent incisor teeth whereas a hogget (12-24 months of age) will have no more than 2 permanent incisor teeth. It is from the teeth that the abattoirs can tell the age of the animals and then will use their government regulated lamb stamp on the carcass to confirm this.

Free Range Pork/ Small Goods

What is included in a pork pack and can I select my cuts?

We sell pork by the quarter (split a whole free range pig amongst four customers). Your pork comes professionally butchered into cuts and individually bagged for your convenience. A quarter pig usually weighs between 9-11 kg butchered or double for a side or quadruple for a whole. As you will see in our order form you can select how you would like your quarter butchered on some of the cuts.

Can I order a whole pig for a spit?

Not currently. Free Range Pigs grow very slowly and are far too valuable as a matured animal to cut their lives short for use on a spit. Typically most suckling pigs will be from stalls and fed slop.

What feed is given to the pigs?

They are raised on natural grains, raw vegetables and fruit. They also get nutrients from rooting the ground and eating grass. We don’t sell pork from confined animal facilities which means the animals are healthier & happier – they don’t need antibiotics to keep them alive and well – and world antibiotic resistance issues won’t be exacerbated by our farming methods.

What ingredients are used in you; bacon, ham, chorizo, cabanossi, speck and frankfurters?

Mineral Salts; 451, 450 & 452, Salt, Dextrose, Antioxidant 316, Sodium Nitrate 250, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (Maize), Vegetable Oil, The brine contains a total of only 1.52% sodium nitrate.

True Veal

How old are the veal animals when proceed?

Typically between 3-4 months of age. Most veal in Sydney shops comes from animals that are 6-12 months of age.

What is the veal fed?

All our veal have a majority milk diet with the access to shredded hay should they want something more solid. They are not fed grains to accelerate their growth or given; hormones, steroids or antibiotics.

Are the animals free range?

Our veal animals are farmed somewhat similarly to our free range egg laying chickens. They are free to roam with their friends during the day but at night have a warm shed with hay to sleep in to ensure they dont get sick.

Isn’t eating veal cruel?

The alternative for the animal is far worse! Eating veal values the excess dairy calves and enables the farmer to afford to raise them. Excess dairy calves are typically “put down” within 24hours of being born and generally with the back of a shovel… We strongly believe anyone who consumes dairy products should feel compelled to eat veal so that these excess calves are valued enough to be raised ethically and processed professionally.

Organic Chicken

Please click on the below information sheet link that has come straight from the farm. We feel covers most questions that might be asked but feel free to email or call us should it not cover yourse. Please know however, that once you finish reading this sheet you might not want to eat conventional chicken again! (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!)

Inglewood Information Kit

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No excluded suburbs.

Only Brooklyn. Excluding; Bar Point, Cheero Point, Cogra Bay, Danger Island, Milsons Passage, Mooney Mooney

2084 All excluding – Cottage Point,
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2106 No excluded suburbs.
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2108 All excluding – Coasters Retreat, Currawong Beach, Great Mackerel Beach,
2109 No excluded suburbs.
2110 No excluded suburbs.
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2230 All excluding – Bundeena, Maianbar,
2231 No excluded suburbs.
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2233 All excluding – Waterfall,
2234 No excluded suburbs.
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2559 No excluded suburbs.
2560 All excluding – Appin, Gilead, Wedderburn
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2567 No excluded suburbs.
2570 All excluding – Belimbla Park, Brownlow Hill, Cawdor, Glenmore, Nattai, Mount Hunter, Oakdale, Oakdale, Orangeville, The Oaks, Theresa Park, Werombi,
2747 No excluded suburbs.
2748 No excluded suburbs.
2749 No excluded suburbs.
2750 No excluded suburbs.
2753 All excluding – Bowen Mountain, Grose Vale, Grose Wold, Yarramundi,
2754 No excluded suburbs.
2756 All excluding – Upper Colo, Central Colo, Colo, Colo Heights, Ebenezer, Lower Portland, Maroota, Mellong, Sackville, Sackville North, Scheyville, South Maroota,
2757 No excluded suburbs.
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