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Gain access to export quality, grass fed, free range and organic raised meats plus organically certified fruits & vegetables direct from the farm!

When you order direct to your Sydney door online from our farmers you not only gain access to export quality meat & organically certified fruit & vegetables at wholesale prices but you are also helping our farmers make a more reasonable income in the process. Our meats are raised organic meaning they are; grass fed and grass finished (Beef +Lamb), non GMO, non GE, are not subjected to hormones, steroids or antibiotic and are ethically raised in their natural environments. You get better-for-you farm products delivered to your door – and all whilst giving our Australian farmers a fair go.

We have been delivering to select Sydney suburbs since July 2014 and are constantly expanding our service area with the aim to service the whole of Sydney in the future. To see if we can deliver to you please fill out the first part of our form found on the right hand side of your screen or at the bottom if you are using a mobile phone.

Organic Free Range Yearling Beef farmer Paul from Teralba Park & live animal transporter Stephen Hill from Gresford Transport, talking beef farming and stress-free animal transport.

This is how we work, what we are all about and how we have grown: If you don’t have time to read it now and are ready to place an order or check whether you are in our service area and sign up for our newsletter, head straight to the order form on the right hand side of the screen. In the newsletters we will advise of upcoming delivery dates, provide bespoke recipes and share our knowledge about where good food truly comes from all whist educating you on the benefits of organic free range farming and meats that are; grass fed, grass finished, non GMO, non GE, ethically raised and are subsequently naturally higher in Omega 3’s.

Free Range Grass Fed Organic Lamb farmers Tim and Owain Rowland-Jones from Woodlands in Pyramul/Mudgee.

With our beef packs selling well in Sydney, we soon expanded our offer to free range, non GMO, non GE eggs from The Hunter Valley, Fresh Dairy products from Country Valley Milk in Picton and then grass-fed and grass-finished organic lamb from Murray’s uncle and cousin, Farmers Owain and Tim in Pyramul in the Mudgee region.

Following rave reviews about the free range eggs (One from a customer with a PhD in Eggs! Yep, we didn’t know you could have that either.), dairy and the grass fed organic lamb (Customers regularly tell us it’s the best they have ever tasted!), we were lucky to meet Farmers Rose and Steve from Ajani Free Range Pork, the Sydney suppliers of Borrowdale Free Range Pork, the Turnbulls who farm True Milk Fed Veal & also Sydney’s best Organically Certified Vegetable & Fruit supplier. This has meant we can now offer a more complete shopping experience for our customers who know with every purchase where their food has come from and that it was naturally raised/ produced!

Rose and Steve Evans from Ajani Pork discuss all things free range pork and their ethical organic pork farming practices.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and tell your friends as there is nothing better than enjoying delicious, naturally produced foods all whilst knowing they have come from ethical Australian Farmers who, because of your patronage, will be better remunerated for their hard work.

More on our meats:

At Country Meats Direct we believe buying your meats direct from the farm is a far better option: you get export quality meats at supermarket prices; the farmer is fairly remunerated; and your family gets to eat the best and healthiest free range, additive, non GMO, non GE, hormone free, steroid free and organically farmed meats possible.

If at the time of your order Farmer Paul has no yearling grass fed beef animals available, or Farmers Owain and Tim have no grass fed lamb, or Farmers Rose and Steve any free range organically farmed pork, or the Turnbull’s any true milk fed veal, we will only source meat direct from other like-minded farmers whose livestock and organic farming practices meet our strict standards. Many of these you will meet when you visit our Meet our Farmers and Suppliers Tab on this website.

If none of our Farmers have stock ready/ in prime condition you will simply have to wait because we understand that Quality Assurance is everything: We will only ever supply meat that is of the best quality because if we don’t we could lose you as a customer – and that’s not an option for us.

As part of our Strict Quality Assurance and supported by the ethical farmers we work with, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

All Our Farmers Meats Are:

 Grass Fed & Finished – not grains or soy (Pork and egg laying chickens feed has to be however supplemented with non GMO grains so that they get all their required nutrients.)

 Antibiotic Free 

 Steroid Free

 Hormone Free

 Ethically Raised

 High in Omega 3’s

 GE & GMO Free

To order, we ask that you simply fill out the form on the right hand side of your screen. We ask that you nominate your choice of a variety of cuts – which allows us to use up the entire animal and keep the process sustainable. (The system won’t work if you only want one or two cuts – it leads to huge wastage and makes the process unsustainable.)

For these reasons, if you’re truly interested in helping our farmers and keen to source better-for-you fresh and healthier farm products it is important to be open to trying a few new cuts from time to time. If cooked right, we guarantee it will taste as good or better than your old favorites. We also supply recipes with your order and if you are ever stuck with a cut you are unfamiliar with we are always here to help!

Below are our minimum orders and their costs which. All orders incur a $5.00 delivery fee:

Grass Fed Beef – $17.95per/kg in a 10kg pack or $24.30/kg for a 5kg pack

Grass Fed Lamb – Approx. $15.00/kg by the minimum side (half a lamb approx. 8-11kg @ a set $149.50 or $289.00 for a whole lamb)

Free Range Ajani Pork – Approx. $16.95/kg in a quarter porker pack (8-11kg’s @ a set $169.50) or approx $23.00/kg in a one eighth porker pack (4-6kg’s @ a set $114.80.)

Free Range Borrowdale Pork – Approx. $15.95/kg in a quarter porker pack (12-14kg’s @ a set $194.30) or a one eighth porker pack (5-7kg’s @ a set $125.75.)

True Veal/ Milk Fed – $25.95/kg sold in approx. 4-6kg packs

Free Range Hunter Valley Eggs & Picton/ Country Valley Milk Dairy Products – can be added to any meat order

Blues Bistro & Café's head chef Eamon Conboy explains the importance of quality produce in producing good food!

To secure your order for a Sydney home delivery at the above wholesale prices we ask that you take a minimum of each selected meat. (10 kg of meat takes up about 20cm cubed or ¼ of an average freezer – less if you plan on enjoying some of the cuts fresh and half if you take a Veal or 5kg Beef pack.) We can’t do mixed meats due to the differing supply chains for each meat. Plus we want to supply to you as fresh as possible, always!

You will notice that when selecting your cuts from the order form all cuts are priced the same. For instance you pay the same $17.95/kg in a 10kg yearling grass fed beef pack for T-Bones as you would for Mince – but if you compare even our 100% Grass Fed and Finished Beef Mince to an equal product at the supermarket you will still be receiving great value. On the more expensive cuts you will obviously be saving a lot more. We feel this is the best way of buying as you can afford more expensive cuts more often and the farmers ‘whole’ animal is being properly valued.

More on our Organically Certified Vegetables & Fruit:

All our Organically Certified Veggies & Fruits are farmed without the use of pesticides or unnatural fertilizers. Each supplying farm has had to undergo rigorous testing of it’s; practices, soil and produce to allow them to carry this certification. Our Certified Organic Fortnightly Veggie packs typically contain 12-15 different in season Organic Vegetables all of which come from Organically Certified Australian Farms. Our Weekly Veggie option is half the size with the option to also receive 17-21 pieces of fruit. Fruit can also be added to the fortnightly delivery. Each time you receive a delivery you will be notified of exactly what farm each vegetable came from so you know the true origins of what you are consuming.


We offer both fortnightly and weekly delivery options and always endeavour to provide the best possible value. This means that when the market prices are low you will get more in your pack and vice versa.

Fortnightly Veggie Packs – Approx. 12-15 different vegetables. $65.00 + $5.00 delivery. With the option to add Fruit – Approx. 17-21 pieces. + $57.00.

Ready to order?

So if you are ready to put in an order simply fill out our order form on the right of your screen or bottom if you are using a mobile device. If you have any problems with how to order you will find a how to video on our Ordering & Cuts Explained Tab to help you and if you are still unsure send us an email or give us a call. If you would just like to receive our newsletters and/ or want to see if your suburb is in our service area just fill out the first part of the form.

We’re truly passionate about sustainably providing consumers with good quality food at great prices and we look forward to hearing from you,

The Team

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