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Delivery Guide Please Read Carefully!!!

We are currently delivering Sydney wide every Saturday! (Unless advertised otherwise.) Saturday delivery orders are cut off Thursday midday. If you have ordered a “pack”, such as a meat pack or fruit & veg box, it will come on the delivery date specified in its item description/ not on the next delivery day. If this relates to your order please read the item description carefully. If you have ordered extra items, they will come with your pack on the pack date/ not the next delivery day.

Delivery time windows will be emailed to you the day prior to delivery. If you are not home or your delivery is prior to 9:00am a text will be sent to your mobile phone and your delivery left inside your Esky with a CSIRO tested ice-brick.

All – Your initial order will incur a one off charge of $7.70inc gst to cover the cost of a reusable premium cooler bag – unless in the shopping cart you chose to exclude it/ supply your own. Cooler bags are to be left outside the night prior to your delivery in a clean manner with any previously supplied ice bricks also clean please. If you choose to supply your own (esky or cooler) it needs to be of adequate size (min. 45cm L x 30cm H x 30cm W) and thoroughly cleaned. Our frozen ice bricks are supplied free of charge.

To help cover our delivery costs (wages, fuel, maintenance, workers comp, insurances etc. etc.) every delivery will incur a seperate nominal shipping charge.

Deliveries –

Meat Pack’s & Fruit & Vegetable Boxes are delivered on the date specified in their product name/ description and are accompanied by any other items ordered at that time.

Individual grocery orders such as; chicken, milk, small-goods, individual meat items etc. will be delivered on the next available delivery date but only if you have not ordered a pack with it’s own delivery date.

From the bottom of our hearts Thank You for directly supporting Australian Farmers & Australian Owned Small Businesses, it truly means a lot! – Murray Fleming – Founder.

p.s. If there is any reason for concern or if anything is unclear, please get in touch with us either by email or if urgent by phone. Our email is theteam@countrymeatsdirect.com.au and the best number for urgent matters is 0415 984 988.


Orders are binding upon placing an order through our website.

Our acceptance of your order is conditional on the availability of stock and our ability at that time to receive and/or deliver. If any of the products you have ordered are unavailable at the time of ordering or become unavailable subsequently, between the time you order and our advised delivery date, or for any reason we are no longer able to deliver to you we reserve the right to cancel & refund your order without liability. In the event we cannot deliver all the goods you requested we will simply refund accordingly or work with you on a second delivery (free of any further shipping charge) to fulfil the order in its entirety.

Should you wish to change any of your delivery details or delivery date after placing an order, and provided we receive your request in writing, we will use our best endeavours to work with you towards a compromise.

Customers are held responsible to input their correct delivery details. This includes Name, Street, City, State, Postcode, Email and Mobile Number (we text upon leaving an unattended delivery) or Home Phone if unavailable.  We will not refund or reimburse those orders that were not delivered due to incorrect details. All responsibilities & ownership of the delivered products fall to you upon delivery.

Payments and Pricing

Payments are to be made upfront and online so that we can ensure our farmers are quickly and fairly remunerated. We may, from time to time need to change our pricing to keep up with market rates to ensure our farmers are paid fairly.

Requested cuts

To maintain our high standards and freshness of product, some cuts from time to time may be limited or unavailable. In the event of a requested cut being unavailable we reserve the right to substitute that cut with what we deem the next best available. If you are ever unsatisfied with any cuts you are delivered we ask you please contact us via email or phone so we have the opportunity to work with you on resolving any concerns you have.

This clause mainly relates to Beef & Veal due to the potential difficulties associated with splitting up these whole carcass amongst numerous orders. More often than not you will get exactly what you have asked for and if not and you are dissatisfied we will simply work with you to make good which could be in the form of a discount, credit or a second delivery etc.

With Pork and Lamb we are selling a fixed number of cuts due to you purchasing a side or quarter etc. Varying sizes of animals could see your cuts of Pork and Lamb change slightly in size between orders. With Chicken and other grocery type items you will always receive what was ordered.

Returns policy

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on any of our products due to their perishable nature. If you experience any problems when you receive your order please contact us straight away and we will use our best endeavours to rectify any issues fairly.

It is the policy of Country Meats Direct to ensure all goods are supplied to our customers in perfect condition and that every precaution is taken to protect the integrity of the product that is sold.


You or we can’t vary these terms and conditions post an order being placed unless made in writing and signed by both parties.

If you have any queries, complaints, suggestions or comments about our Products, Services or these Terms and Conditions please contact us via email or phone, as we are always eager to hear ideas from our customers!

Terms & Conditions updated at 06:50 16/04/20.

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