Meet our Farmers & Suppliers

Grass Fed Beef Farmer Paul

Farmer Paul* owns Teralba Park, an organic grass fed and now predominately yearling beef farm (Paul still breeds stud bulls) in Gresford in the Hunter Valley. Since he began selling his yearling grass fed organic beef through Country Meats Direct he has achieved a better return on a regular basis – thus making it easier to budget and work on improving his animals. Farmer Paul says: “Usually cattle are sold at 2-3 years of age. However, now that I’m selling cattle at an average of 14 months, I get a quicker turnover and I can budget better. I’m now getting good prices all year round instead of the previous ups and downs in the year,” adding: “The benefit to consumers is that they now receive a more succulent meat because it’s really a meat which is in-between veal and beef.”

*Farmer Paul is the father of one of Country Meats Directors – our very own Murray.

Grass Fed Beef Farmer John

Farmer John owns an organic free range beef farm called The Branch Angus near the town of Stroud. He’d been considering supplying his beef into Sydney but the plan never went ahead – due to the high costs associated with such a venture, it would not have been financially viable because of his herd’s smaller size. Farmer John said: “Country Meats Direct has been able to supply my beef into the Sydney market – and this is a fantastic outcome given the small number of cattle I have. Dealing with Country Meats Direct I can now forecast for my farm and am happy spending the extra I am now making on pasture improvement.”

Grass Fed Beef Farmers Clive, Deniece and Reuben

Clive, Deniece and Reuben are neighbours of Farmer John. Clive is a fourth generation grass fed beef farmer, which makes Reuben a fifth! Before we met Clive he was planning to sell off all his animals because he’d had enough of being poorly paid for his top quality yearlings at the auctions. “There was no return on the money that I was putting in,” said Farmer Clive. “Country Meats Direct has given me a new lease on life and I aim to produce more animals just for this business. The consistent prices I am now getting means I can put money back into the farm – on chicken manure for fertilizing the paddock and rye seeds for better nutrient grasses – which of course will produce better cattle.”

Grass Fed Lamb Farmer Tim

Farmer Tim is one of our lamb farmers. He is also Murray’s cousin. He grows his organic grass fed lambs in the small town of Pyramul, in the Mudgee region. Prior to working with Country Meats Direct Tim was selling his lambs at the auctions. In the past he had been a victim of theft, where his top quality lambs were swapped with poorer quality animals and was then paid low prices. By working with us this cannot happen again and he is now rightly receiving top prices for his top quality lambs. Farmer Tim says, “I am now also saving a considerable amount per lamb as Country Meats Direct don’t do the fees and levy rates I had been charged at the auctions.”

Grass Fed Lamb Farmer Owain

Farmer Owain is Murray’s uncle. He is another of our organic Lamb farmers from Pyramul and is a neighbor to his son, Farmer Tim. Farmer Owain understands the importance of year round feed so he plants winter oats to nurture his lambs through the winter. In this way he avoids the need to buy and feed them grain.

Free Range Pork Farmers Steve and Rose from Ajani Pork

Ajani Pork is a small family-owned free range organic pork farm located in Doyles Creek in the Hunter Valley. Farmers Steve and Rose are proud graduates of the school of Humane Farm Management having received certificates in Free Range Pig Management and Handling. “We wanted to become free range pig farmers in order to provide high quality food for ourselves and the community. Our goal here at AJANI is to produce best grade pork for the consumer who prefers to know where their food comes from, and how the animals were cared for.”  They were concerned that a small town would not be large enough to support the growth they wanted. Country Meats Direct has now given them the confidence to increase their numbers substantially due to the positive demand from the Sydney market.

Live Transporter Steven Hill

Steven, aka Hilly, is one of our live animal transporters from Gresford. Not only is Hilly a live transporter but he is also one of our supplying grass fed beef farmers. For this reason he understands the importance of animal safety during transportation and doing all possible to minimize stress. Steven says, “Poor transporting will cause bruising and the meat will suffer. It is important to remember as a live transporter  that you are carrying live animals! So you don’t speed. The better the trip the better the animals. I will also never use an electric prodder, dogs or yell at the animals when loading them on and off to reduce their stress.” He added, “Country Meats Direct makes quick payments to the producers. This is great and I know a lot of farmers appreciate it.”

Free Range Egg Farmer Rebecca from Stroud Valley Harvest

Rebecca run’s Stroud Valley Harvest for her family. Stroud Valley Harvest is a family owned and operated free range egg farm that incorporates 1000 acres in the beautiful Hunter Valley Region.

Rebecca’s family and staff are committed to providing you with the highest level of fresh, quality produce in the most ethical and sustainable way possible.

Rebecca told us, “We are extremely grateful to businesses like you, who help us not only receive a fairer price but also to help directly employ three staff and indirectly over 20+ people in our small rural community.”

Farmers John & Sally Fairley from Country Valley


John and Sally Fairley live in a beautiful valley in Picton, New South Wales with their children, Thomas and Ellen. The Fairley family has been living in this valley for over 150 years, farming everything from peas to cattle. The dairy itself was opened in 1958 and has been working continuously ever since. In July 2000 when the Federal Government deregulated the Dairy Industry they took the opportunity to start bottling and selling their own fresh milk instead of sending it to another processor. John and Sally completed their very own processing plant which they call “The Milk House” and based it right next to their dairy and began bottling milk in March 2004. Country Valley now produces many dairy products from Milk to Yogurt and are also a preferred milk suppliers to Pepe Saya butter – all products you can order your next meat pack. Learn more about John and Sally’s dairy operation by visiting their

facebook page or website.

Organically Certified Vegetable Growers

We supply only Australian grown, in season & Organically Certified Vegetables. Because of this we need to procure our produce from across the country and from many different farms. All the farms that supply us with our Vegetables are Australian and carry Organic Certification. We feel that they are all exceptional suppliers and as such offer a 100% money back guarantee with all the Vegetables that we sell as we do with our meats.

Here is a list of some of our supplying organically certified vegetable farms; Arahura Farms Farm VIC, Arnett Farm QLD, Bauer Farm QLD, Bellbird Farm NSW, Benalla Mushrooms Farm VIC, Black Crow Farm QLD, Black Gold Farm VIC, Brisbane Valley Farm QLD, Burrell Farm VIC, BUSCH Farm VIC, Cafresco Farm VIC, Carrathool (O’Donnell) Farm NSW, Coochin Farm QLD, Coolibah Organics Farm VIC, Cremona Farm NSW, Cudgen Farm NSW, D Ross Farm NSW, Eldridge Farm SA, Elfronisis Farm SA, Elmswood Farm NSW, Foothills Farm VIC, Galea Farm NSW, Giardino Farm NSW, Glenfarg Farm QLD, Glenrose Farm NSW, Green Organics Farm NSW, Hamilton (Weeroona) Farm VIC, Helps Road Farm SA, Isis River (Black) Farm QLD, Jarcman Organics Farm NSW, Kirkconnell (Q. Bland) Farm NSW, Kyne Farm VIC , Labertouche Farm VIC, Lin’s Farm NSW, Lockyer valley Farm QLD, MACK Farm VIC, Mahbrook Farm NSW, Mahbrook Farm NSW, Manna Hill Farm QLD, Natures Haven (Murray) Farm NSW, Natures Haven (Murray) Farm QLD, Nicholson Farm QLD, Oakland Farm QLD, Oasis Farm QLD, Organic Vally Farm QLD, Pinnacle (Duke) Farm QLD, Pozieres Farm QLD, Rogers Farm VIC, Stepping Farm NSW, Strong organic Farm NSW, Sutton Farm QLD, Thomas Farm QLD, Valente Farm QLD, Vinifera (Shadbolt) Farm VIC, Warby Farm QLD, WCC Farm SA, Whitestone Farm QLD & Yellow Gully Farm NSW

Each time you receive an Organic Vegetable delivery from us we will notify you on what farms and where in Australia each of your vegetables came from so that you know the true origins of what you are eating!

Borrowdale Free Range Pork

Borrowdale raise their True Free Range Pigs in a stress free environment where the pigs have the freedom to play, truffle and wallow in the mud. Their pork is tender and has the flavour of a bygone era.

Borrowdale say that with their pork, “you will rediscover the real taste of pork,” and we think their right!

Borrowdales pork is:

  • No Moisture Infusion
  • No Added Hormones
  • High Welfare
  • APIQ Certified Free Range

The farm is located near Goondawindi on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs and is Australian owned by a single family. Their pigs are free to forage on pasture and any supplementary feed is balanced to closely match that of their ancestors.

Milk Fed Veal Farmers The Turnbulls

Pictured right is the Turnbull’s Dairy. They have been there so long the road is officially called Turnbull Road! The Turnbull’s grow out their excess dairy calves for us feeding them milk fresh from the dairy. Should the calve want to chew on something solid they have access to shredded hay. They do not feed their calves grains and ensure that they are all rugged up and warm in their shed by nightfall. Their calves are extremely well looked after and then, at approximately 3 months of age, are professionally processed for true veal not the dark ‘yearling beef’ being passed off as veal you see in the shops.