If you have found us and specifically if your reading this tab we can gather you aren’t one to accept the status quo!

Perhaps you’re someone who; is starting a new health regime, want to help our farmers, want to eat better tasting food or just want to stick it to the monopolies?

Whatever your reasons for shopping with us we feel that our own scepticism paired with Murray’s, one of our co-founder’s, return to health from Autoimmunity and family’s connection with the land will help ensure that when shopping with us you will always get the very best for you produce available!



We believe there is much more to Free Range Farming than just whether or not the animals live outdoors! To us Free Range Farming needs to emulate as close to a natural life for the animals as possible.

This means all the meats we supply come from farms that meet our strict quality assurance that include:

  • The Beef & Lamb are 100% Grass Fed & Grass Finished & have never at any stage of their lives been fed grains. This equals tastier & healthier meat higher in Omega 3’s
  • The Pork & Eggs are from True Free Range animals with plenty of space to move, forage & dig. Free Range Pigs & Egg Laying Chickens are fed supplementary grains as they can not get all their nutritional needs from grass. Only ruminant animals like Cows & Sheep can solely eat grass
  • Antibiotic, Hormone & Steroid Free
  • GE & GMO Free
  • Natural feed and clean water available at all time
  • Ethically raised, transported and processed

Moreover, & please visit our Farmers Tab for more info, we have either personally visited the farms or ensured that the farms carries adequate certification to ensure all our standards have been met.


Farm Fresh Fruit & Veg

Our Farm Fresh Fruit & Veg Boxes are picked and packed fresh daily with the majority of produce coming straight form our supplying partners own farms! Our supplying partner Perfection Fresh Australia is 100% Australian owned and has been run as a family business for over 40 years.

Our suppling partner:

  • Australian owned
  • Family run
  • Sustainability focused
  • 98% rigid packaging PET
  • Recycled and repurposed waste

All our fruits & vegetables are sourced from Australian farms. When the team can not source directly from their own farms & direct supplying farmers they will only ever top up with the very best produce Sydney Markets have to offer!



We believe that getting your food to you in the best shape possible and in the shortest amount of time is best! This is not just for freshness & taste but for the environment as well .

Practicing a “just in time” and “sustainable” supply chain     means that we take caring for your goods very seriously!

When ordering through us you will come to expect:

  • Foods delivered as fresh
  • Refrigerated transport
  • Recyclable/ minimal packaging where possible
  • Lower food miles
  • Convenient home deliveries
  • Knowing where your food comes from

Like with all points that encompass our mantra our supply chain will be ever evolving and we welcome working with you to continually improve it!



When dealing with perishable even with the best produce, the best of care & the fastest supply chain possible, occasionally things may go amiss so rest assured all that we sell is guaranteed!

Why we’re so confident:

  • All foods are taste tested before offering them to you
  • Government standards and best practices are used
  • Producers are paid fairly to ensure we get their best
  • Our strict quality assurance measures have to be met
  • The “just in time” supply chain we run ensures freshness


Please, if you are ever unsatisfied with anything at all please give us a call on (02) 8386 8519 or email us at theteam@countrymeatsdirect.com.au

Financially it is far better for us to refund, exchange or credit you for something than it is to have to continuously find new customers to fill any gaps left by someone who might be unsatisfied. Giving us candid feedback also helps us to continue to improve our product offering that in-turn will benefit all our amazing customers!

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