Free Range Short Cut Bacon approx. 250g (Australian Pork) – Hungerford Meat Co

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8 reviews for Free Range Short Cut Bacon approx. 250g (Australian Pork) – Hungerford Meat Co

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    Delicious & smoky! So flavoursome that you don’t need much of it to add flavour to any dish!

  2. iain.perkes (verified owner)

    Best. Bacon. Ever.

  3. anneleelin (verified owner)

    The household agrees: best bacon ever tasted!

  4. Kevin Casey (verified owner)

    Once you have tasted this bacon you will never go back. Makes the best breakfast ever with Country Meats delicious eggs, mushrooms with baby tomatoes and yummy sourdough toast!

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  8. vbaard (verified owner)

    This bacon is so delicious…it’s the ⭐️ of the show here. How did we get so distracted with other stuff on this forum? What has any of the previous rhetoric got to do with delicious bacon on our plates – did I miss something?

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